The first clay scientific association in Spain was the Spanish Clay Minerals Group (Grupo Español de Minerales de la Arcilla, GEMA) founded in May 1959 as an affiliate of the Spanish Soil Science Society (Sociedad Española de Ciencia del Suelo). First President was Prof. V. Aleixandre, Director of the Institute of Ceramic and Glass, CSIC, and Secretary, Prof, J.L. Martín-Vivaldi of the University of Granada. Other members of the GEMA Council were  Prof. Taboadela of the University of Santiago, Prof. Gonzalez-García of the University of Sevilla and Prof. Castell-Landete of the University of Valencia.

In the years following the foundation, the activity of GEMA was limited to keep informed its members of scientific meetings related to clay research but no national meetings were organized. The first national meeting of GEMA took place in May 13-14, 1969. At this meeting it was decided to create an independent society  Sociedad Española de Arcillas, SEA (Spanish Clay Society) and Prof. J.L. Martín-Vivaldi was elected as first president of the new society
The  aim of the new society was the integration of Spanish clay scientists in the world organizations by the promotion of contacts with other national groups and the organization of scientific meetings of supranational character. Immediate actions to accomplish that objective were: a) the organization, by the initiative of Prof. J.J. Fripiat and Prof. J.M. Serratosa, of a Spanish-Belgian clay meeting as a basis for the establishment of the European Clay Meetings (Euroclay Conferences). This meeting, with participation of scientists from other european countries and USA (really the First Euroclay Conference or Euroclay’70), took place in Madrid June 1-3, 1970. A second meeting (Euroclay’71) was celebrated in June 1971 at the University of Louvain (Belgium); b) To submit a proposal to AIPEA Council for the celebration of the IV International Clay Conference in Spain. The Conference took place in Madrid  June 23-30 of 1972, being chairman  Prof. E. Gutierrez-Ríos, Secretary, Prof J.L. Martín-Vivaldi and President of AIPEA Prof. F.V. Chukhrov (SSSR).

Other meetings of  supranational character organized or co-organized by the SEA were:

Other activities of SEA of international character have been:

Author: Prof. Jose M. Serratosa, Honorary Member of the SEA