SEA Prize for Scientific Photography

SEA Prize for Scientific Photography

SEA Prize for Scientific Photography

150 150 Sociedad Española de Arcillas

V Scientific Photography of Clays Contest of the Spanish Clay Society 2020

The Spanish Clay Society (SEA) announces the V Edition of the Scientific Photography of Clays Contest, with the aim of disseminating clay science and technology.

1. Participants

The contest is open to all those interested in clays and implies full acceptance of the present rules and compliance with the decisions of the jury and the organization.

2. Manner of presentation

Each participant may present as many photographs as they wish, and which must be original and free of third-party copyright. Participants will be responsible for the authorship and originality of the photographs, declaring themselves to be authors of same and able to make use of them.

Photographs will be presented in digital format, accompanied by a title (TIFF or JPG formats are recommended, minimum definition 1280 x 1024 pixels, not more than 5 MB in size).

Submissions should be sent by e-mail to as attached files or by links. The word “certamen” (contest) should figure in the subject. If submitting more than one photograph, each should be sent separately. The body of the message should indicate:

  • Material submitted to the V SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY OF CLAYS CONTEST according to the rules published on the SEA’s webpage (
  • Title of the photograph.
  • Personal information: Full name, e-mail address, telephone number.

On receipt of the information, the Secretary shall issue a confirmatory e-mail.

The Secretary of the SEA shall guarantee the anonymity of the authors during the selection phase, providing each photograph with a record number by which the material will be identified by the jury.

3. Submission period

Telematic submission of photographs will be open in 2020 (date to decide).

4. Publication of photographs

The jury will choose the photographs to be published in the “Graphic Gallery” section of the SEA webpage, invariably with the aim of promoting science and disseminating clay research. The photographs chosen will be published with titles and author’s name.

5. Prize awards

On the proposal of the jury, the organization will award 2 prizes to photographs chosen from all submissions. Each prize will consist of an accrediting diploma and the sum of 150€, to be conferred on the winner, or their assigned delegate, during the closing ceremony of the Scientific Meeting, or sent to the winner’s postal address. In the latter case, the organization will only bear the postal costs.

6. Jury

The jury will be made up of at least three members appointed by the Governing Board, whose names will be made known at the award ceremony. The jury will choose the winners by simple majority of its members. The jury’s decision will be final and will be made known on the SEA’s webpage prior to the award ceremony.

The jury may declare the prize vacant. Any circumstance not foreseen in the present rules shall be resolved by the jury.