The Spanish Clay Society (SEA) is part of the Association internationale pour l’étude des Argiles (AIPEA) and the European Association of Clay Groups (ECGA).

According to her statutes, the purposes of this Society are: to promote, boost, disseminate and organize activities of research and development in the field of Clays, stimulating the relationship between Research Centers and Industry.
Thus the Spanish Clays Society promotes, among others, the following activities: organization of meetings, courses and conferences; conducting scientific excursions and visits to Technical and Research Centers; Scientific publications, as well as providing technical and scientific advice on matters that are her competence.
SEA has more than a hundred members, specialists in different subjects and fields, which can be summarized in the following topics:

Geology and Sedimentology

Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Physicochemical properties

Soil science
Clays Deposits

Industrial applications


Cultural heritage