Young Researchers

Young Researchers

Young Researchers

150 150 Sociedad Española de Arcillas

The Spanish Clay Society will award two prizes for the best studies presented at the XXVI Scientific Meeting of the SEA, whether oral communications or poster presentations, with the sponsorship of the meeting’s organizers.

Studies submitted for the award should be presented (orally or as posters) at the XXVI Scientific Meeting of the SEA to be held on 2020.

Candidates must be pre-doctoral researchers on the date of their registration for the Meeting, and they must be the first author of the communication entered for the award. Candidates must indicate their intention to participate in the award on their registration form for the Meeting. The communication will be presented as a poster. A paper copy of the poster will be submitted at the start of the Meeting.

The selection committee will be constituted at the start of the Meeting, consisting of the President of the SEA (or person delegated) and a member of the Governing Board. They may not be co-authors of any of the studies submitted for the award.

The two prizes will consist of the sum of 200€ each. Announcement of the decision and presentation of wards will take place during the closing ceremony of the Meeting.